Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tribute Post: Capt. Jerry Yellin

Army Air Corp Capt. Jerry Yellin, revisiting Iwo Jima after 70 years:

1:48 -
Everybody was at war.  There was a purity of purpose, which was to eliminate evil.

We did that.  All of us. 

The highlight of my life is serving my country in time of war.
4:16 -
My cycle of life is near its end.  That's what it means to me. 

I'm here willingly and happily, as a last fond memory of this island, where I flew with sixteen guys who didn't come back.  I'm representing them...

... I'm representing a lot of people, and I hope I'm doing humbly and doing it correctly...

U/T: Matt Bracken

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Shake-N-Bake said...

Thanks for posting this. As soon as my school age children get home, i will have them watch it. Their Grandpa is an air-force veteran, and this should help the whole idea of love of God, and country i preach to them daily hit home with them just a little bit more.