Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Admin Changes: Humidor

Despite the Humidor section along the left looking the same, I've made changes today to five of the six links.

Those five links linked to [redacted], a company I've used in the past to mail-order cigars.  Their Project Manager of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) emailed me with this message:
During the website analysis we have detected unnatural links coming from your domains. In order to safeguard [their domain] from any future updates we are cleaning up our back links profile to comply with Google's Guidelines. In pursuit of this objective, we believe that unnatural backlinks existing on your domain [ushanka domain] should be removed. Please remove all links from your domain to ours by 4th May, 2015.
I'm new to this whole Internet thing, but here is what I understand.  A company has three options if/when they change the links to their products:
1) Contact supporters and have them update their links,
2) Contact supporters and demand they remove all links to the business, or
3) Don't tell anyone.
Usually a company hires an SEO expert to drive business to the company's web site.  One part of that effort is to move the company's links higher in the Google search results.  Another rule I've heard: you want to be in the top three spots at Google.  Especially if you sell a commodity product and offer no other differentiating services or savings.  Of course, with everything I type here at Ushanka, I could be wrong.

The company that contacted me to remove their links is at the bottom of this search.

I thought this exercise would be a waste of time, but I found an opportunity to make Lemonade with the emailed lemons.  I'm due for a treat and realized that I have not had a Paul Garmirian cigar in years.  (That is the link that is unchanged.)

A couple facts about Paul Garmirian (PG):
1) Paul selects his resellers personally.  (The company that contacted me above is not one of those selected.)  And,

2) PG's are called "The President's Cigar."  Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II have sought these out while in office.  I'm sure Hillary's husband has used PGs before.  Obama may smoke a PG someday, if his wife decides to share.

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