Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Videos of the Day

Two minutes total.

This one from 90 Miles:

This one from FB Comrade Doc:

This wall is now a display thanks to a president who invested in, and threatened the use of, the US military.

UPDATED 4.22.15 8am:

Oh man, is this a treat or what?!

I shared this post with Comrade Doc and he sent this photo and message via FB:

Karl, here's a picture of my wife in front (or could be behind) the Berlin wall in 1971...before graffiti was invented.
Just some background on Doc (pictured below).  He fought in the last shooting war with the Communists - Vietnam.  He served with Marine infantry as a Navy Corpsman.  He patched up countless wounds and suffered more than one himself.  He's the guy I want by my side when the commies start the next war.

Oh ya, he also has a hat.

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