Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Tab Clearing

Comrades!  My apologies for the recent absence.  I've been busy with my new hobby: buckets of fun mind-numbing work.

Jim Rickards, my preferred source for an honest assessment of our economic uncertainties, adopted a more pessimistic tone on his blog last week:
The same goes for the collapse of the monetary system. It’s the instability of the financial system as a whole. So, when I think about the risks, I don’t focus so much on the snowflake, it could be a lot of things that trigger the event. It could be a failure to deliver physical gold because gold’s getting scarce. It could be a Lehman type of collapse of a financial firm or another MF Global. It could be a prominent suicide. It could be a natural disaster.

It could be a lot of things, but my point is, it doesn’t matter. It will be something that causes the system to collapse. What matters is that the monetary system is so unstable. The blunders have already been made. It’s not as if we’re going to do some bad things that’s going to create risks. The risk is already there. It’s embedded. We’re just waiting for that catalyst.
This week in Communism News is in South Africa as the tyranny there is expected to move into 'Phase Two:"
As South Africa descends into what its radical rulers refer to as the “Second Phase” of their communist revolution, warnings about an approaching genocide and full-blown communist tyranny are growing progressively louder.
Comrade Ann Barnhardt (hat owner) visited with Comrade Andrea Shea King (hat owner) at Blogtalk Radio.  Listen!

A Hearty Ushanka Tip to the anti-communist behind this poster campaign in Brooklyn!  It is in response to the list of prohibited words the Hillary 2016 campaign recently released to the masses. Imagine what we'll be told if she gets elected...

We know the brains behind this one below.  Comrade Diann (hat owner) responded to this week's meeting between our dear leader and Cuba's dear leader.  Here's a comment I never thought I'd write:
While both Cuba and America chose in the early 60's to wait the other out, it was Cuba's decision to wait for America to go communist that paid off in the end.

And last, a very creative, and wonderfully sarcastic response to the recent Rolling Stone fake rape scandal that resulted in 0 firings at the 'journalism' outlet:

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