Saturday, April 25, 2015

A History Lesson

Bill Whittle gives a quick history lesson to this year's college graduates. 

Excellent comparisons between our leaders today (Obama and Hillary) and those leaders of mass death (Stalin, Hitler and Mao) of the recent past.  They are not the same, yet....

The final ultimate tragedy here is that the people, that idiots like this [professors] protest against, are the ones who are actually trying to protect the lives of idiots like this [liberal graduates] and their right to live in a society comfortable enough to allow them to be so spectacularly stupid. 
So, you want some irony class of 2015?  Here's your irony.  Your peace-loving socialist professors are laying the foundation for the all-powerful state that annihilates individuals like twigs in a bonfire.  

Just look at the NSA spying on every single email.  Or the IRS punishing political enemies.  And film makers thrown in jail to protect the political careers of presidents and secretaries of state. 

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