Friday, April 24, 2015

Bracken on Bugging In

Author, ex-Navy SEAL, FB comrade and hat owner, Matt Bracken, has some advice for the prepper community in the 14-min sound file below.  Warning: serious topics discussed here.

When the EBT card balances hit zero, 
will you bug in or bug out?  

Matt addresses this question and offers some considerations.

His comments that fit the Ushanka narrative start at 9:56:
I think, at some level at the DHS, they are not thinking 'my goal here is to establish tyranny.'  Now, at the Obama level, yes.  Their goal is to turn this into Cuba or Venezuela.  That's what they mean by 'fundamentally transform.' 

[Speaking for Obama:] The Constitution is out the window.  We do what we want for social justice.  [Reasons for tyranny:]  Continuity of government and maintaining law and order.  Putting out social fires.  Being able to come out hard against rioting. 

Matt's Site.

Enemies Foreign and Domestic (The first book in an excellent 3-book series.  You can also find this link in our Library section along the left side of Ushanka.)

His essay: Get Yourself a 30-Footer and Go!

His other essays.

My Bug Out Bag video.

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