Thursday, May 21, 2015

Surrender, Obama Style

Our dear leader has found a way to surrender without using a white flag.  Just call the mission "over" and pull the troops out.

Somehow this will all be Bush's fault.

U/T: A.F. Branco

UPDATED 5.26.15 9pm:

See the first two comments in this post for the humor in this update.

Gateway Pundit:  Pathetic. Obama White House Actually Blames Bush for ISIS

Question to White House press secretary:
...ISIS — the larger point there is that because the President decided to complete a full withdrawal from Iraq — and of course we can go back and debate the circumstances around that, but you didn’t have the status forces agreement with the Iraqi’s that you wanted to have and so forth — that that vacuum allowed ISIS to develop into the threat to this country and to that region that they are today. Isn’t there something to that?


Robert What? said...

I can't wait until that damn GW is finally out of office. Oh ... wait ...

Karl said...

I hear you Robert. I haven't seen GW do a damn thing about ISIS!