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Tab Clearing May 27

You can find the full articles, plus others that I didn't link to below, in this Google Doc.

Vietnam veteran Fred posts an open letter to Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Odierno, about the recent ROTC red high-heel shoe incident.
I see that on your watch the Army is turning into a transvestite marching corps in high heels, a Ziegfeld cross-gendered or bisected gay-bath sexual zoo vacuuming up every sort of erotic loony, not to mention becoming a home for unwed mothers and prostitution rings. I commend you. I have always wanted to be defended by a freak show.

I do not question your qualifications for command. You doubtless have a firm handshake, a steely gaze, an imposing presence, and a perfect grasp of PowerPoint. But a general who is so afraid of feminists that he forces his troops to play dress-up, well, I mean, what if there is a real war?

Finland prepares as history repeats.  Examiner:  Russia rising; tiny Finland preps 1 million strong standing army.
...the tiny Scandinavian nation of Finland has sent notices to all adult males of military service age detailed instructions on what is expected if and when a national military call-up is announced. Of the 5.4 million citizens of the Suomen Tasavalta (Republic of Finland), more than 900,000 received governmental greetings in the mail.

Although certain members of the Helsinki government denying the notifications of possible mobilization has anything to do with neighboring Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent sabre rattling in Eastern Europe...

Silvio Canto writes about two glaring hypocrisies in his American Thinker article, Hey media: A very bad week for black lives in Baltimore (and gay rights in the Middle East).

The pro-gay left has said nothing about homosexuals being thrown off rooftops by ISIS, and the #BlackLivesMatter left has been silent in the murders of dozens of blacks in America's inner cities.

Comrade Aaron Clarey writes at Captain Capitalism, Society vs. The Individual, Part 1.  He is angry we've been lied to by society, parents, and teachers.  
But sadly, after 4 years undergrad, 2 years in a masters program, another 2 for a doctorate and voting for Barack Obama twice, your average Millennial has $78,000 in student loans, a lousy labor market, no skills and lives with their parents.  Can you imagine not just the insanity, but the terror and fear these poor kids have now that it looks like their lives are ruined forever and will come NOWHERE NEAR to what they were promised?

Oh well.  No matter.  Democrats got their votes, academia got $1 trillion every year this generation was in college, and employers now have MILLIONS of new and ESPECIALLY DESPERATE people begging for jobs.  Again, society won at the expense of the individual.

The Libertarian Moment is Everywhere Around Us (Increasing Social Tolerance Edition), by Nick Gillespie.
Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals want to keep the world tightly sorted into two categories that describe fewer and fewer Americans.
Mr. Gillespie is excited that traditional family values and religious values are diluting, and he concludes this will be good for the Libertarian voting bloc.  He specifically credits the two wedge issues of gay marriage and drug legalization. 

He does not address the Ushanka maxim that a communist take over cannot occur until traditional family values and religious values are sufficiently diluted.  If this is true, what is good for Libertarians is also good for Communists.  No?

Nor does he answer the age-old question: If Libertarianism is gaining popularity, why does a flat 2% vote Libertarian in elections?  He makes some good points, as always, but does not introduce anything new to suggest a sea change.

Betty Butter puts the Nazi's ahead of the Commies 327 to 25 in her article, 100 Million Dead Under Communism – Next to Zero Hollywood Films.
How many hundreds of movies have been made, and are still being made, about the Nazis, but so few about the 100 million who perished under communism?
She links to this failed KickStarter campaign to fund the Gulag movie, Gulag Barashevo.

I wish I had known about the movie earlier.  I would have shared it with Ushanka's three loyal readers.

Here is a killing efficiency comparison I prepared long ago:

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