Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GOP Quotes of the Week

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina referring to Hillary in an interview with Obama syncophant outlet MSNBC:
I come from a world where titles are just titles, and talk is just talk. It’s only in politics where titles and words mean a lot. In the rest of the world, it’s actually about what have you done, actions speak louder than words. People want to know are your words and your actions consistent and are they consistent over time. And so, I think when 82% of the American people now believe that there is a professional political class more interested in preserving its own power and privilege than it is in serving the American people, people expect basic questions to be asked of anyone running for president. ‘What have you done, are you trustworthy, are you transparent, will you answer questions?'
Texas Governor Rick Perry's advice to the senators within the GOP lineup:
...if you want to be the president of the United States, you ought to go back to your home state and be the governor and get that executive experience before you go lead this country.
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on Obama's open borders:
This is truly a matter national sovereignty, in that if we were having people penetrate our water-based ports throughout the Gulf [of Mexico] or either coast, we’d be taking swift action initially with the Coast Guard and eventually probably with the Navy. Yet, we have international criminal organizations seeking to penetrate our land-based borders to the south—the push for drugs, for firearms and increasingly for people from a trafficking standpoint—it’s just horrific we’re not taking more action to truly secure that border.
Ohio governor John Kasich is expected to announce soon.  I appreciate his zinger re: the name of Jeb's PAC, Right to Rise:
I don’t know anything about [Bush’s theme]. I really don’t. I’ve never listened to him. What’s “Right to Rise”? Getting up in the morning?
I like what I'm hearing, but I'm a long way from optimistic.  I'll feel better when Jeb gets blown out of the primaries. 


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