Friday, May 29, 2015

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Anonymous said...

Why can’t the national Socialist LEFT acknowledge their own bloody history?

We currently have a Leftist campaigning nationally for president as an acknowledged Socialist and you would think that the nation’s left would now admit to the obvious – that he and they are socialists.

But this isn’t the case, converse with them even a short time and you will find that they will fight you tooth and nail to deny the obvious. Numerous times Bernie Sanders has ‘outed’ himself as a socialist on the national stage, and yet leftists all over the nation deny that he’s (and they by extension) are Socialists.

Go ahead and look up the definition of left wing in the Oxford English dictionary and you will see that after their use of 2 relatively undefined terms they nail the Left as Socialist: “1The radical, reforming, or socialist section of a political party or system.”

But this fact doesn’t sway leftists in the least when denying who they are – they have no compunction over outright Lying about their national ideology, and they will simply use the time tested toddler technique of repeatedly saying no, no, no in a in a slightly more sophisticated form than a 6 year old…

But deny they will, and as many times as necessary in much the same way a child will cover their ears and scream to keep out the unpleasant reality of their existence.

Corner any of our leftist comrade’s on the nation’s left on these facts and they will inevitably fall back to how they handled things as child and deny the facts.

Show them places where Bernie Sanders has admitted to being a socialist and they will continue to deny the evidence exists and to boot they will project their own insanity on you for doing this.

The plain reality is that the nation’s left IS Socialist and they have a socialist national agenda.

Now, why do they do this?
Several theories come to mind – one is that they simply like to practice lying to maintain the skill.

Another is that socialism has epically failed virtually everywhere it’s been tried – with millions of dead and still millions more enslaved. In sense this is the national socialist left’s admission of the utter failure of their ideology. This is the theory form those with an objective viewpoint of the issue.

But there is the third and more insidious reason that national socialist left likes to deny previous attempts at a “worker’s Paradise” and with their incessant pretense that national socialism has never been tried, so they they can pretend it’s never failed.

In this way we can see a convergence between the two theories.

Both acknowledge socialism’s continuous record of failure in a sense but they just differ in their import.

The problem for the national socialist left is that their national agenda of socialism is built upon a foundation of lies that can only be reinforced with still more lies as evidenced by their actions as detailed above. And it reveals why the left’s socialist national agenda has to lead to the suppression of civil rights – especially free-speech. For their agenda built upon a foundation of sand cannot abide the truth that it undermines it.

By the way, for those who would like to whine and complain of the use of the term ‘national’ along with the term ‘socialist’ – grow up and learn the meaning of the word. The term ‘national’ only refers to something ‘national’ in character, the fact that it may sound like a blast from the past is simply an accident of history.