Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Baltimore Politics

Fox News' Lou Dobbs summarizes the role the Democrat Party plays in Baltimore:

Democratic leaders have been responsible for a half century of neglect... Who've proved themselves to be hurtful, and their policies to be an utter waste. Those leaders and their liberal polices have driven out business, and people. Baltimore's population peaked in 1950 and has tumbled more than 30-percent in the years since. The unemployment rate stands at 8.4 percent with nearly a quarter of the population living below the poverty level... The city's crime rate is outrageous, particularly given that Baltimore has the eighth largest police force in the country. The violent crime rate nearly four times the national average and the city's murder rate is more than eight times higher. Baltimore is an embarrassing and tragic demonstration of the consequences and impact of bankrupt liberal policies over some 50 years. And the likelihood that the people of Baltimore won't change direction for either themselves, their children or their city is truly deeply disappointing and truly tragic.Join us tonight at 11 pm ET on Fox Business
Posted by Lou Dobbs on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yesterday's Drudge:

Comrade Doug Ross shares Jim Quinn's article: Baltimore: Who is to Blame?
It doesn’t take a village to raze, burn, and loot a village. It just takes 50 years of liberal economic and social policies. Of course the liberal media, liberal politicians, and liberal voters don’t think anyone should be blamed for the disaster that Baltimore and every other Democrat controlled urban shithole (Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cleveland) have become over the last 50 years. Community organizer Adam Jackson, living up to the standards of Organizer in Chief Obama, declared that in Baltimore “the Democrats and the Republicans have both failed.” At least progressive community organizers have a sense of humor. How can Republicans have failed if the mayors and City Council have been 100% Democrat since the mid 1960s? I wonder how many Republicans were among the youths burning, looting, and destroying the city this week.

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