Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I'll be taking the weekend off for two reasons:  Mother's Day, and Graduation Day.

First, to the Moms:  Happy Mother's Day!

Second, some Ushanka news.  Comrade Zhukov is graduating today at The Ohio State University. 

Congratulations Comrade Zhukov!

I've had the privilege of meeting many of Zhukov's fellow students and I have to say: despite my general pessimistic feeling about this next generation based on what I see in social and old media or on the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore, I have yet to meet one who does not impress the s**t out of me.  A new batch of winners will be hitting the streets this next week.  They go unseen, but they exist.

Here is a product of some of those winners in college today.  A song written and sung by students at Oberlin College.  (Yes, the same college Baltimore's retarded mayor and the State Dept's ditzy spokeswoman came out of.)  U/T: WZ.

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Qazycat said...

I have become more dumb, now that I sat through & listened to the whole song.