Friday, May 15, 2015

Burt Glinn Photos

English Russia has posted photos from the Soviet Union taken in 1963.

By 1963 two generations who were promised Utopia in their lifetimes had passed.  This includes the millions who died well before their time in purges, wars and other unintended consequences of Liberal Progressive Communist policies. 

By 1963 Utopia was set aside as a national goal for more pressing matters: the nuclear arms race, communist expansion in Vietnam and elsewhere, the space race, and food.

Six years after the first black president was elected, America's inner cities have realized their promised Utopia was a lie.  Others are too, such as the millions of permanently unemployed.  As any remaining citizen of the Warsaw Pact will tell you, we are in the early stages.  In other words, unless the GOP pulls their heads out of their asses and gets serious, these are the good ol days.

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