Saturday, May 09, 2015

I Abhor Tyranny . . . But . . .

The ISIS attack in Texas last week has pushed the Left left.

It was either stand against terror and admit the Democrat Party sucks, or stand with terror and avoid admitting their biggest mistake since Chamberlain's Munich Agreement of 1938.

Bill Whittle gets this.  He links the left's new preference of terror over freedom of speech to the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the Nazi takeover of Germany starting at the 4:30 mark.  He explains that these takeovers, and resulting genocides, started long before a bullet was fired.  It started with useful idiots redefining right and wrong to the willing masses.  Or as Bill calls them: cowards.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to Comrade Whittle for doing what I've been trying to do at Ushanka for over 8 years: Point to today's events and show how similar events played out in recent history.  Anybody who can't see the value in this is beyond help.

Of the useful idiots taking us down the path of tyranny again, the old media are the worst.  Their reach into American homes and their hate for American values is as deep as their guilt in this evil plot.

MRC released this excellent collection of clips to show the MSM's immediate redefinition of right and wrong.

And there's more!

Comrade Raconteur has a fine after action report.  Here is a taste:
My take is that this latest event is so full of Fail for both the perpetually offended adherents of the Religion Of Peace (tm) and for the hoplophobic would-be Overlords of Progressivism, and so chock-full of chocolatey frosted win for Those Of Us Who Like Guns, that this event will disappear from the mainstream news pages in about seven seconds, even if Bloombozo has to sponsor, at his own expense, two psychotic whackjobs to shoot up separate busloads of pre-schoolers to accomplish the feat.
Or David French, an Iraqi veteran who adds some perspective at National Review:
The New York Times has peered into Pamela Geller’s heart — and found it full of hate. I’ll let others make the argument that it’s unseemly to so viciously attack the victim of an attempted murder just three days after the attack — to accuse her of intentionally provoking the attempt on her own life and the lives of her friends and supporters, no less. And Rich Lowry has offered a convincing argument that Geller was motivated not by hate, but rather “defiance.” Let me instead offer a defense of hatred.

But first, a confession. I’m far more hateful than Pamela Geller. In fact, I’d argue there’s no way that she could hate jihad more than I do. I’ve seen jihad up-close, in an Iraqi province where jihadists raped women to shame them into becoming suicide bombers, where they put bombs in little boys’ backpacks then remotely detonated them at family gatherings, where they beheaded innocent civilians while cheering wildly like they were at a soccer match, and where they shot babies in the face to “send a message” to their parents. I’ve seen the despair in the eyes of the innocent victims of jihad, and — believe me — that despair is infinitely greater than the alleged “anguish” caused by a few cartoons.
Gateway Pundit has a post from which I will not quote.  The title is enough:  ISIS Strips Children Naked – Sells Them at Slave Auction Then Rapes Them.

Hey Liberals Progressives Communists, what bothers you more?  
A) Gateway Pundit's title, or 
B) The story
History appears determined to repeat itself.

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