Friday, May 22, 2015


Our dear leader must have visited a Joann's recently and found some swatches of softer colors.

This FoxNews article explains how the Marxist thinks police are sending the wrong message all dressed in black. 
Earlier this week, President Barack Obama banned the sale of certain military-style equipment to police departments.

Brian Kilmeade reported tonight on "The Kelly File" that Obama also thinks that police officers should have "softer looking" uniforms.
He has not suggested local police decide on their own uniforms, patrol routines, and partnerships with their communities.

Nor has he suggested police refrain from shooting dogs, conducting no-knock raids or laying in wait outside biker hangouts.  He is only suggesting they wear a different color while doing so.

And while some federal equipment is now off limits to local police, the MRAPs, automatic weapons and training partnerships with special operations are still moving forward. 

You know . . . FORWARD!

I've asked the Ushanka minions to form several exploratory committees - each to identify a new color that better distracts from the militarization of America's local law enforcement. 

The first committee took the suggestion to heart and created their own uniforms:

The second committee suggested TSA blue:

Another suggested NKVD blue:

At least the NKVD had the courtesy to knock. 

How times have changed, eh comrades?

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