Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun with Word Replace

It occurred to me that I've seen Hillary Clinton about as much as I've seen Fidel Castro in recent days.  Both seem to need the same 'medical encouragement' to make a public appearance.
Is this what Karl Marx meant by "The Struggle?"

Are there any revolutionaries left who DON'T need a sponge bath?

Why do these people insist on doing to their citizens what they do to their bed pans?
Source article: Politico -  Clinton campaign goes nuclear on health rumors
"Clinton" was replaced with "Castro."
"Hillary" was replaced with "Fidel."
"Her" replaced with "His."
"She" replaced with "He."

Castro campaign goes nuclear on health rumors

The issue of Castro’s health has percolated in certain circles since his concussion in late 2012.

By Nick Gass

Fidel Castro’s campaign is pushing back even harder Thursday on multiple “deranged conspiracy theories” about his health, as one top aide put it earlier in the week, as Donald Trump continues to stoke doubts about the Democratic nominee’s “mental and physical stamina.”

As news broke Wednesday about the shakeup in Trump’s campaign, including the hiring of Stephen Bannon from Breitbart as its chief executive and the promotion of pollster Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager, the Drudge Report blared a report about — pillows. Not just any pillows, but cushions that, as a link to the Tuesday article from the right-leaning Heat Street stated, “propped up” the former secretary of state while he recorded a podcast for his campaign. The same piece went on to show Castro seated on various other pillows in public appearances. “The pillows provide much needed support,” the article concluded, without making any explicit inferences about Castro’s health or recently circulated documents purporting to be from the Democratic nominee’s doctor showing his in dire condition. ( has debunked the documents as fake.)

Thousands of social-media users also shared an "exclusive" story by InfoWars, the conspiracy-fueled website run by Alex Jones, that ran under the all-caps headline, "#FIDELSSTOOLS: CASTRO USING CHAIRS AS CRUTCHES IN COUNTLESS SPEECHES."

Trump has dipped his toe in the same waters, without explicitly embracing any of the theories floating around various far-right sites. Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity at a town hall event in Wisconsin taped Tuesday but aired Wednesday night, Trump said of Castro, "He doesn't really do that much. He'll give a speech on a teleprompter, and then he'll disappear. 

“I don't know if he goes home [and] goes to sleep. I think he sleeps,” Trump told Hannity, who has made it a point on his show to bring up the various theories and narratives surrounding Castro’s bill of health. “I guess he takes a lot of weekends off. He takes a lot of time off. And you know, that's frankly — frankly, it's really not fair."

UPDATED 8.22.16 9am:

Less than 11 hours after I posted above, the Clinton campaign responds.

I knew they read Ushanka!


From the linked article at Politico:

Clinton's campaign has since called those claims "deranged conspiracy theories" and has recirculated a 2015 letter from internist Lisa Bardack that said Clinton was in good health.
Normally I'd withdraw.  You can't fight the Clinton Machine.  You can't prove a Clinton lie.  But you can end up dead.

But this is no regular Clinton lie.  Either start campaigning at the same tempo as your opponent Hillary, or the suspicion will continue.

I can do this all day.

UPDATED 8.22.16 4:30pm:

A comrade of a FB comrade commented on an unflattering recent photo of the Democrat Party nominee for President of the United States.  She said:
I'm telling you, she looks so much like my mother looked 6 to 8 weeks before she died.
Her liver was about 20%; her kidneys were about 20%. When she died they were both at 10%.
She also posted a photo of her mother to prove the similar look.

I'll say it again:
One of the candidates looks at Nov 8 as the start of a race, and the other looks at it as a finish line. 
The policies that follow will reflect that perspective.  One will set policies in place to Make America Great Again (or at least try), and the other will set policies to shut down criticism and opposition, followed by the trains when the initial policies fail.

UPDATED 8.22.16 9:30pm:

GP reports that Ben Stein has compared Hillary's appearance to his late mother's appearance when she was suffering from Lupus.  (audio at the link)

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All Too Much said...

the other will set policies to shut down criticism and opposition

the other will set policies continuing the shut down criticism and opposition

...But that might not always be the case. In fact in the very near future American free speech may be sharply curtailed. It is not a sure thing—Supreme Court precedent regarding the First Amendment is robust enough to present would-be censors with something of a challenge—but nevertheless there is a good chance that American enemies of American free speech will shortly mount a sustained and eventually successful effort to drastically reduce American speech freedoms.
With the possible exceptions of John Adams and Woodrow Wilson, there might never be a president more hostile to freedom of speech than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton has promised, if elected, to introduce a constitutional amendment within her first month in office that would effectively repeal the First Amendment by overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v FEC decision from 2010.

Hillary Clinton has set herself up against this ruling as if it were the Black Death, claiming her litmus test for nominating Supreme Court justices is if they will vote to overturn Citizens United and thus make it more difficult for Americans to speak freely and openly.

Clinton actually has a long history of anti-free speech positions, so in a sense this is unsurprising. But now she is poised to become president of the United States, and with that bully pulpit—and the power of the executive order—you can be sure her avaricious, relentless desire to curtail free speech will be a potent threat to our precious First Amendment freedoms.

If she wins, she will appoint at a minimum, one justice to the Supreme Court. The "potent threat" becomes present action.