Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Twitter Conspiracy

Is Twitter really pulling for Trump and conservatives?

They ban Milo and suspend the accounts of other conservatives like Comrade Forney.  They engage in heavy-handed Orwellian censorship and attempts to steer trending stories, and receive negative press in doing so.  Their business model has not lived up to investor optimism, and some are now seeing Twitter settling somewhere in between MySpace and Google+ in the list of old social media sites.

The only Twitter user who is really keeping the site alive is Donald J. Trump.

So why the conspiracy talk?  What evidence do I have that suggests Twitter is in the Trump corner?

Just this: Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary consigliere Huma Abedin, is still using Twitter, says Sydney Leathers.

I know my theory is hanging by a thread, but I do have to ask:
Why hasn't Twitter banned irresponsible liberals whose behavior on their site can influence the election in a bad way for Democrats?
Why not take 'the high road' and avoid cries of "censorship" from cool blogs like Ushanka?

UPDATED 8.13.16 7pm:

Today's news: Anthony Weiner was tricked into sexting with a man.

So?  If Twitter is so liberal, why do they keep the two most damaging accounts, Trump's and Weiner's, active?

[My apologies to Donald J. Trump for pairing his name with Weiner's.]

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