Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Firing On All Cylinders

Comrade Matt Forney is on fire.  His hard work over the years with his books, articles, blogging and podcasting is starting to pay off.  His good work covering the Iowa Caucus, where I joined him for a couple days, has paid off with more sponsored trips to the political conventions later this month.

You'd be smart to follow Matt's work this election year.  He's a hell of a better resource than the MSM, or those right-wing media sources polluted with NeverTrump types.  But don't take my word for it.  Twitter just suspended Matt's account.

Check out these two recent articles, and his latest podcast with Comrade Bernard Chapin!

RightOn:  The Anti-Trump Riot in Chicago and the Rising Tide of Leftist Violence
While Trump’s Chicago rally is the only one he’s had to cancel under threat of civil unrest, the Leftist violence at his events has only gotten worse. In Albuquerque, they were smashing down the doors; in Orange County, they were roughing up anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” T-shirt; in San Jose, they were attacking pregnant White women and actively hunting people down (with the tacit approval of the Democratic mayor and Mexican police chief). And now, we have #BlackLivesMatter assassins gunning down cops and the media cheering them on.

Donald Trump is far from perfect, but helping elect him president is important not just because of what he advocates, but what he represents. Trump is a symbol. As a unabashedly masculine, successful businessman who raised equally successful children, Trump embodies many of the qualities that made America great. Not only does his nationalist platform run counter to the Left’s global program of multiculturalism, degeneracy and economic exploitation, Trump possesses the charisma and force of will to accomplish his goals, a far cry from the cuckservatives in Congress who get rolled by the Left over and over.
Return of Kings:  Google’s Anti-White Sketch Of The Juno Mission Team Shows How Evil The Company Has Become Examples of their leftist, anti-white bias

RightOn: This Alt-Right Life (podcast)
[Bernard Chapin, on Cultural Marxists, 11:45 mark]  ...why I have so many videos with "Cultural Marxism" in the title.  Because it drives them insane.  They cannot handle hearing that.  I have a couple people that used to just follow me around.  One of them even admitted to being a Marxist.  And this is in the middle of saying 'you don't really understand Marxism.' 

You're a Marxist and you're googling 'Cultural Marxism.'  Why are you even here?  You're here trying to confuse people.  That's not going to work on my channel.  She's not going to fool anyone on my channel.  But that's what they're trying to do.  They're terrified of that [being correctly labeled as a Cultural Marxist].  Because it is such an obvious connection

You just take out the 'Proletariat' and you replace it with 'blacks, gays, who-knows-what.'  And you take the oppressor class, or the 'Bourgeoisie,' the 'Capitalists,' or the people who had capital, and you replace that with 'white male' and that's all that they're doing.  They're just running the same stuff.  The same dialectical nonsense.

Bernard Chapin's YouTube Channel.

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