Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stumping the NeverTrumps

I'm back from the DNC Convention.  See my convention posts and videos here.

The latest Stump the Trump video, with powerful clips (starting at the 6:35 mark) from the nominee's convention speech.

Here is a list of BitterCruzingers and NeverTrumpers who did everything they could, including burning their credibility on the alter of "My opinion is super important" or "Do as I say or you're not a conservative" or "Hillary will crush him," to keep us from hearing that speech.  Bad judgement and selfish behavior, one and all:

Diann (Patriot Retort)
Doug Ross (DirectorBlue)
John Hawkins (RightWingNews)
Dave Blout (MoonBattery)
Michael Reagan
Members of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum Board:
Eunie Smith, Anne Cori, Cathie Adams,
Rosina Kovar, Shirley Curry, and Carolyn McLarty.
John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine)
William Jacobsen (Legal Insurrection)
Steve Berman (The Resurgent)
Ben Howe (RedState)
Flopping Aces
George Will
Ted Cruz
John Kasich

Comrade Chapin, explaining "Why Trump?" from a rare Libertarian perspective to those who still don't get it:

IMO, why Libertarians won't be a concern in 2016:
a) Their anarchist impulses are satiated by Trump, who has turned the GOP on its head,
b) The Libertarian ticket has an open-borders pot-head presidential candidate and a gun-control VP candidate - hardly "Libertarian," and
c) Trump's crossover voters, if they hold, will overcome any spoiler attempt from fringe third-parties.

U/T: Comrade Zukov


mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

There are some interesting videos regarding Donald Trump's running for President. There's a retired fireman named Mark who had a dream in 2011 where he saw Trump in office. This man saw political attacks being leveled against Trump during campaigns, bouncing off and backfiring against Trump's opponents on all sides of the aisle. The dirty politicians are going to feel the punishment if and when Trump wins in November.

sth_txs said...

Note also that the list are the same actors who pissed on Ron Paul but then bitch about 'big gubmint' and high taxes and libtardism. Very telling to say the least.

I liked the way Trump played the media for a tool and fool the last few days. He says something sort of innocuous, and the press amplifies it. But what name passes from the lips of Hitlery and the pansy media? Trump. :LOL: Too rich, just too rich.

Karl said...

sth: I see your point re: Ron Paul. I think Libertarians can look to Trump as a means of revenge for how the old movement was treated. He's not offering pure fixes, but he's threatening enough of the status quo to be exciting.

mystere: agree - est. politicians are going to suffer under a Trump presidency. What is shocking to me is that some of them I used to support. Trump has his own way, and we'll soon find out the pros and cons of that. But I appreciate him showing us the problems with otherwise likable types: M. Kelly at Fox, Paul Ryan, and my gov. Kasich.

Thanks for your comments!

sth_txs said...

Question: Did Trump win the nomination with the rules that were changed so Ron Paul could get screwed out of delegates? Because if that's the case, it's even better.

That's one of the things I've always about the party who brags about 'the rule of law'. Hey, we got someone here we don't like but the people do, so lets change the rules. Yeah, one reason why I gave up on voting the last few years.

I listened to Trump's speech. He is not a Constitutionalist or libertarian. I figure if he even succeeds at a 1/4 of what he proposed that puts him up for future assassination attempts. Don't be surprised if that happens or attempted.