Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Trump Visit - Cincinnati

The Republican nominee came to my home town, Cincinnati, tonight and gave a great speech.

This was my fourth time to see him this year, and it is always a great experience.

The big news was Newt Gingrich's opening remarks.  Plenty of red meat for the masses.  Newt dominates the podium.

Trump's son, Eric, took the podium for a few minutes.  An impressive young man.

Trump spoke for an hour.  He has incredible stamina and his ability to connect with the crowd is nothing less than stunning. He covered all the issues without notes or a teleprompter.  It was 'primary' Trump tonight, and it was a welcome change to the recent speeches with teleprompters.  He is a natural when unscripted.  He may not be the polished GOP'er that some want, but he speaks directly to me in these crowded forums.  I'd estimate the crowd at 3-4k, plus an overflow room was used which held 2k.

Not a single interruption.  Not a single protester seen outside or in, not that they weren't there.  Don't the Hillary and Bernie hippies talk about "the struggle?"  I guess "the struggle" doesn't mean coming out to protest a Trump visit.  Hillary came out last week and there were 8 of us with Trump signs to welcome her smelly lazy supporters.

I'm trying to stay level-headed, but I can't help to be optimistic about Trump's chances this year.  I saw plenty in the crowd that would never have attended a Tea Party.  He is attracting new voters in large numbers.  The Republican primary votes were up 62% from 2012, and the Democrat numbers were down 21%.

Something amazing is afoot....

Conservative Treehouse has a post about tonight's Trump visit, with video.

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