Friday, July 08, 2016


Shooter(s) not identified yet.

As this story unfolds and Obama starts his gun-grabbing routine again, I ask you to do something that no other blogger will suggest. 

There were six months between the February Revolution, when Czar Nicholas II was dethroned, and the October Revolution when Lenin took power from the new leader, Alexander Kerensky.  The February Revolution was the beginning of six months of chaos that made the Bolshevik takeover possible.  The country was exhausted by the chaos, and welcomed the 'stability' that the Bolsheviks promised.  At the end of a gun.  23 days later the Cheka was formed, and stability is exactly what 200 million Russians had for 75 years.  Minus the 6 million in Ukraine 1921, another 6 million in Ukraine 1932, 25 million in the Great Patriotic War, and countless in the Gulags....

I stand by my outrageous theory that the Liberals Progressives Communists in this country, those pulling the strings, are aiming for a 100-year redo.  The October Revolution was in 1917.

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