Friday, July 22, 2016

Matt Gets the Race Card!

Comrade Matt Forney was in Cleveland this week to cover the Republican Convention for Right-On and RedIce.tv

One of the things he covered was the absence of civil unrest.  The city was braced for riots, yet the liberals progressives communists didn't even try to disrupt the event or cause problems in the area around the convention center.  Matt's daily reports:

Wednesday: All Quiet on the MidWestern Front.

Thursday: What if They Held a Riot and Nobody Brought any Matches?

So if Matt is bored, imagine the leftists in the MSM.  Are they going to announce the "GOP is in Disarray" because we booed the sore loser, Cruz?  That is hardly a story, nor a surprise.  It isn't like the Republicans booed God or anything...

So they needed something.  And when liberals needs a story, or are losing an argument, they always go for the race card.  And this week, none other than Comrade Matt was their target!

Check out these headlines!

Media Matters:


Think Progress:

The Race Card isn't sticking to Trump.  And worse, nothing seems to stick to Trump.  Imagine the desperation!

The Liberals Progressives Communists are in two camps right now: 1) those who think Utopia is just one more push away but who think someone else will do that pushing, and 2) those who are starting to realize what they will lose when Trump is elected.  Soon, all will be in the latter stage, and that will be when things get sporty.

So is Comrade Forney a Grand Kleagle?  Is his outspoken intolerance for feminists and other leftist trends a sign of hidden racism?

It just so happens that my wife, Catherine the Great, and I had dinner with Matt just last week.


I showed Catherine the Great these articles and she was as disgusted, and as amused, as I was.  Because the three of us discussed many topics, all controversial, for hours over Chicago pizza one night and bar food the next.  And we did not hear a single utterance from Matt that would convey any hint of racist thought.

Let me tell you how this will play out.  Matt is a master of the English language and will use this new publicity to trigger those little Democrat brains that have never been challenged with a single critical thought.  He will ride this to new heights and riches, and they will always think they are one 'gotcha' away from tying Matt Forney around Trump's neck and bringing it all down.  In other words, if Matt can keep himself on the front page, he'll be the new king of political journalism:

I didn't think it could happen, but this election year just got even more exciting!

Question:  So what does this mean for the libs?  

Answer: the left is fucked this year.  

They are running on empty.  Hope, Change, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, the Chevy Volt, the  $20T in debt and more has left them exhausted. Black Lives Matters has gone flaccid as they can no longer enjoy police protection at their rallies.  The anarchists can't seem to bring themselves out of Mom's basement to smash a window or burn a flag.  And next week the DNC convention will be an epic flop.  Chelsea isn't Ivanka, Hillary isn't The Donald, and 20% less voters than in 2012 isn't momentum. Cops, miners, former Democrats, and previous non-voters will be lining up on November 8th to Make America Great Again.

If we're going to point out racism, let's point to congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee.  She posted this photo of Democrat interns today - with all the cracker interns in back.  (Story)


Comrade Davis Aurini reflects on the RNC Convention, including comments about Matt:

Davis: Part II.

UPDATED 10:30pm:

AtlanticBlackStar mentions Matt.  Check out the photo they posted at the top of the article. the age of Trump, it appears the GOP has decided to ride the wave of white nationalism.

Atlantic what Star?

UPDATED 7.23.16 1pm:

If you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the truth.  Or, at least that is what liberal products of the public school system think.

The 4th lib site to repeat the lie is DailyKos:

Comrade Chris "The Bechtloff" shared his opinion on FB:

The term "racism" 
went from meaning hating other races
to not hating your own race.


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