Wednesday, July 06, 2016


The blog road is strewn with the carcasses of well-meaning independents who made the mistake of sharing a prediction with a timeline.  Just see my analysis of Peter Schiff's gold-buying advice from last year.

But when a trusted source is making a prediction, my ushanka ear flaps perk up.  Will the source be right or even close, or am I watching a slow-motion blogger suicide in the making?

Here are three predictions that jumped out at me this week.  I share with zero endorsement - FYI:

If Hillary gets elected - Comrade and Glorious Hat owner, John Lott, shared this today on FB:
Two Predictions: 1) As President Hillary Clinton will appoint Obama to Supreme Court & 2) After the election, Obama will grant blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens. This will be challenged as the President only has the power to grant this on each individual case, but the resulting court case will split the country apart. If Hillary wins the presidency, when the case gets to the Supreme Court the Democrats will ignore the Constitution's explicit statements on this and rule his action constitutional.

From the 3rd, Lame Cherry calls the election for Donald J. Trump:
... absolute proof that Donald Trump will win the General Election, without a doubt. It is all in the numbers and Donald Trump has the electoral college numbers in worst case and in best case scenarios.

James Lewis at American Thinker tells us what to expect this election cycle in his post, Good riddance to George Will.  (U/T: Remus)
This is going to be a nasty, vicious election, and winners have to give as good as they get. I'm sorry. Reality.

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