Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Facebook Murders

An 18-year old man of Iranian nationality Syrian Islamist Pro-Turkey, Ali Daud Sonboly, killed nine and wounded 27 on Friday in Munich.

The media (WGN) will tell you Ali's actions had no known link to radical Islamic terror.  This was also true in San Bernardino, until those killers' pledges to ISIS were found on Facebook.  And sure enough, this source has corrected the record on where Ali's allegiance lies.

The Munich shooter yelled "Allahu Akbar," but what does that actually mean to those of us without law enforcement training?

Ali aimed for children.  Eight of the nine dead were between 14 and 20.

Placing Blame:

McDonald's - No.  Ali chose to do his killing in a McDonald's.  Not the first time that poor corporation has been selected by evil men.

Merkel - yes.  Apparently Ali was previously identified by Interpol as a radical.

Facebook - yes.  Ali used Facebook to lure the children to McDonald's with promises of free food.  How many were there because of his offer is not clear.  But what is clear is Facebook's embrace of radical Islam specifically, and political correctness in general, has enabled ISIS and other anti-West forces to grow.  The use of their site to spread Jihad was inevitable based on Facebook's pro-Islam political correctness.

I've written about recent and unfair censorship by the Facebook corporation, and others, against my fellow conservatives.  Like America's national security agencies, Facebook is looking in the wrong places for problems.  Facebook, like the FBI, missed the ISIS pledges from the San Bernardino killers - for a year.  And I'll bet a Glorious Hat that Facebook missed warning signs from Ali.

Stefan Molyneux provides an overview (25mins):

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