Saturday, July 02, 2016

Tweet of the Day

A brilliant one shared by Comrade Tam on FB:

Did you see silver jump almost 6% yesterdayApmex - silver YTD:

And then there is this news from yesterday:

Washington Examiner: National debt jumps nearly $100 billion in one day to record high
Total government debt hit a record $19.38 trillion on Thursday, up nearly $98 billion from the day before. It's the first time it has ever exceeded $19.3 trillion.

The debt will soar higher still in the coming months, and is expected to approach $20 trillion by the time President Obama leaves office.
Or this, from yesterday:

ABC: US Has Another Close Call With Russian Ship in the Mediterranean


Fred said...

Ignore the daily grind. Gold works all year.

Karl said...

Comrade Fred, gold has been working so far this year!