Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back in 5...

Posts will be few - traveling.


In the meantime, check out the links in my blogroll at the left.  Those are some smart f**kers.

UPDATED 7.18.16 6:30pm:

I take off for a few days to venture into the center of the universe (Wrigley Field) and watch some Cubs victories, and I come back to....

Some Muslim kills 84 in France with a truck.

The feminist Ghost Busters movie is a flop as predicted by Comrades Clarey and Forney.

The terrorist wings of the racist Democrat Party (Black Lives Matters, Nation of Islam, and Black Panthers) kill more cops - this time in Baton Rouge.

A half-assed coup fails in Turkey, which helps ISIS.  And Obama.

The #NeverTrump losers keep at it ("it" being looking stupid on the national stage).  This time on Day #1 of the RNC Convention.  I hope they keep trying.

Trump selected Mike Pence for VP.
Comrade Forney produces another outstanding interview in today's Alt-Right Podcast.  This time with Ricky Vaughn.

Some Muslim on a German train hacks 21 with an axe.

Another Baltimore police officer was acquitted after being hit with excessive indictments to buy favor with the criminal class.

I had the honor to visit with Comrades Mr. B. from In the Middle of the Right and Matt Forney on this trip.

Give me another day to catch up.

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