Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exclusive: BFH Interviews some NeverTrumpers

A rare Big Fur Hat interview with some NeverTrumpers, at IOTW.  Here is a taste:
Do you think Trump can win?

NT#1: No, that’s what we’ve been warning people about since way, way back, like almost 3 months ago,

NT#2: No, it was before that. It’s been since it looked pretty clear that Trump was going to beat Ted that we started to say Trump can’t win.

NT#1: That’s right. And now that he’s won the primary we are going to make sure he can’t win the presidency, just like we said all along, that he can’t win.

NT#5: Yes, it is paramount that Trump not win because we warned you that he couldn’t.
BFH is a bigger man than me.  I have no patience for these people.  And I doubt they'd talk to me after all the images I've posted.  Such as these:

So who did he interview?  I'm guessing they were all from this list:

Diann (Patriot Retort)
Doug Ross (DirectorBlue)
John Hawkins (RightWingNews)
Dave Blout (MoonBattery)
Michael Reagan
Eunie Smith (Eagle Forum)
Anne Cori (Eagle Forum)
Cathie Adams (Eagle Forum)
Rosina Kovar (Eagle Forum)
Shirley Curry (Eagle Forum)
Carolyn McLarty (Eagle Forum)
John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine)
William Jacobsen (Legal Insurrection)
Steve Berman (The Resurgent)
Ben Howe (RedState)
Flopping Aces
George Will
Ted Cruz
John Kasich

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UPDATED 8.12.16 11:15am:

GP links to this Politico story of 70 more "Republicans" who have come out as NeverTrumpers.  I don't have the full list yet, but here are some of the names.  I'll be adding these to future posts that require the list above:
Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey, NH
Former Rep. Chris Shays, CT
Former Rep. Tom Coleman, MO
Former Rep. Vin Weber, MN
Mindy Finn (former RNC chief digital strategist)
Christine Iverson Gunderson (former RNC press secretary)
Virginia Hume Onufer (former RNC deputy press secretary)
Beth Miller (former RNC field communications division director)
Heather Layman (former deputy press secretary)
B. Jay Cooper (former RNC communications director under four chairmen) Patrick Ruffini (former RNC ecampaign director).
Andrew Weinstein
Don't be fooled.  That isn't a list of principled Republicans who are loyal to the party at all costs.  It is a list of people who were not invited to the Trump team and will be sitting-out the Trump Presidency, if we are lucky enough to win.

As Trump has said of Republicans who are actively trying to derail his candidacy, and I'm paraphrasing here:
These are the people who allowed this mess to happen.

Why would I want them to be in my administration?

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