Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Interweb Dump

So little time, so many cool things to link to...

Comrade Joe Dan has posted his latest Intellectual Froglegs video (25mins).  Some good attacks on the MSM, and an interview with Kevin Jackson of BlackSphere.  Joe Dan suffered a heart attack while assembling this latest video.  This was the best news Hillary has had in months, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Joe Dan is back on his feet and will be producing more videos into November.

MarketWatch doing what they can for Hillary this morning: "Top Minds"

Tweet of the Day: Gary Sinise:

Banner of the Day, the proud muslim father of the Orlando killer, slightly edited by IOTW's Mr. Pinko:

Quote of the Day: Comrade Matt Forney on FB:
Abortion is an act of self-mortification one step below suicide. The women who indulge in it have no respect for anyone but themselves.
This was a good reason to update my comparison spreadsheet:

link to data.

Meme of the Day: Seth Rich

And, Economic Plan of the Day, by Donald J. Trump:

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