Sunday, August 21, 2016

Keeping it Real

W's former press secretary, Dana Perino, offers some perspective:

I know enough to know I don't believe anybody, or any poll, in this election cycle.  And I know I suck at predicting future events.  And here is something else I know:

I do know the election outcome will be one of these four*:
1) Trump wins and America's decline is halted for at least four years,
2) Hillary buys a win with 'Free Stuff',
3) Hillary wins by cheating, or
4) Both #2 and #3.
That's it.

As for others and their predictions, there are so many closet NeverTrumpers out there that I question any Republican's prediction of Trump's defeat.  This video was posted at HotAir along with some polling data and Allahpundit's analysis.  (HotAir is a monetized GOPe'ish site I stopped visiting many years ago.)  Are the writers at HotAir NeverTrumpers and/or BitterCruzingers?  Is Dana?  I don't know.  I consider all of them members of the old media.

Some more perspective:

Four million Republicans stayed home in 2012.  Had they voted, Romney would have won.  I don't see that in 2016.  Do you?  Also, having attended four Trump rallies this year, I can also say, with confidence, that there will be new Republican voters this year.  Will it be enough?  And I suspect Trump will do something W, McCain and Romney couldn't: get more than 5% of the black vote.  Maybe even 6%.

This has been a fun year.  I've enjoyed the optimism after these horrible Obama years.  Whether grounded in reality or not, I will continue to remain optimistic through Nov. 8th.  It has been good for the soul.

2.5 months away from the only poll that matters.  We'll see.

* assuming Hillary is alive on November 8th.

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Unknown said...

Dana is a Bushite and NOT a conservative. she is the reason women should not have the vote. no matter how much schooling they always vote for the co-operative which is always hijacked by the communist.