Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fun on the Interwebs

They asked if I needed some help.

I said, "No, just browsing...

... browsing the Internet!"  


I'll be here all night.

Earl says do not play Peek-a-Die with Granny:

 The People's Cube reminds us that the agenda is unchanged, even if the walls fell.

Comrade Diogenes shares a comment from flooded Louisiana:  It's Okay Obama, We Got This...

In case you've been out of the loop, Louisiana has suffered a tremendous flood that has led to the evacuation of thousands of residents.  Obama has been playing golf while Louisiana residents accept the full burden of rescues and clean-up.  Story at CBS:
Despite calls for him to visit, President Obama is unlikely to break from a New England vacation to survey Louisiana flood damage. The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge on Wednesday called on Obama to visit “the most anguished state in the union.”

Related, this Katrina-themed image is moving fast through FB.  I do not approve of the language, reference to race, or the uncaring imagery, and I'm sure W. doesn't either.  But, if I don't share, I'm just as bad as those in the MSM, right?

This one is probably more appropriate, also found at FB:

English Russia has posted many photos from 70's/80's Soviet society titled: USSR: Photos of Last Five Year Plans.  Here are two I liked:

And last, FB Comrade D. shares this one.  The original Karl:

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