Monday, November 23, 2015

Gun News

Gateway Pundit has a post today: GunTV – a Firearms Home Shopping Channel – Is Coming in January.

The last few years have been amazing for us gun nuts.  Nearly all states have discarded tyrannical gun-control laws, bowing to the desires of their law-abiding citizens.  And those citizens have jumped into the gun ownership and shooting sports by the millions.

Sources of reliable information have also emerged.  First it was Internet forums that connected professionals and amateurs in shared areas of interest.  Then James Yeager and others took to YouTube to share knowledge and lessons-learned.  These YouTube channels have created a feedback loop to manufacturers which, in turn, has led to dramatic improvements in quality and a focus on buyer preferences.  GunTV is a logical evolutionary step for America's massive gun culture.  I hope they do it right.

In other gun news:

A Ushanka comrade in the mid-west happens to work at the gun counter of a major retailer.  He contacted me this week to tell me of a new trend.  In the past week he has had 16 customers come in to buy AR-15 rifles and another 20 customers coming in to buy pistols.  ALL were first-time buyers.  And ALL said essentially the same thing when they approached the counter:  "This Paris attack pisses me off.  I am sick of this ISIS shit.  It is coming here.  I want a gun."

Of course, the unspoken message here is, 'I do not trust my government to protect me.'

My message to my fellow gun owners old and new:

Welcome Comrades!

Buying the gun is step one.  

Step two is go to a class. 

Step three is stay proficient.

Step four: enjoy being a part of the finest community on the planet.

As for training:  I have attended classes at three different schools.  All offered better training that I received in the Army. I recommend Yeager's classes at Tactical Response near Nashville.

The cool thing about guns is that you can have a great time in the shooting sports in addition to being able to rise to any threat level you may someday encounter.  I have Ushanka comrades (a cute couple with a strong marriage) who plan their vacations around training classes.  Twice a year they spend a week traveling and during each trip they attend a 2 or 3 day class.  It is a way to stay active, stay outdoors, and to meet new friends.

UPDATED 7:30pm:

Comrade Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars links to this Gun Owners of America post.  GOA is trying to get the National Firearms Act of 1934 overturned.  Why not?  ObamaCare and Gay Marriage are both now Constitutional.

Repeal of NFA is one of my extremist criteria I use to rank GOP candidates in my bi-monthly GOP Rankings Report.  None of the candidates have made such a promise, which tells me everything I need to know about the GOP candidates.

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B said...

That was the motivation for 4 out of the 14 students at the basic Pistol course I participated in this weekend. Isis/Islamic radicals are/is coming here....

Interesting....these 4 were all acquainted prior to the class, so I didn't think it meant anything...added to your friend's observation, I think it raises a bot of flag..