Thursday, November 05, 2015


Ohio is one weird state.  I s**t on it a lot because I feel compelled to return the favors.

The many favors...

This isn't scientific, but it seems a majority of odd news comes from this state.  Today:

1)  Four men were recently arrested in Ohio for terrorism.  (WZ)

2) The Cleveland lad, Julian Hernandez, didn't know he had been missing for 13 years until he applied to college.  (CNN)

Minnesota, Comrade Clarey's home state, currently holds the record for the most ISIS recruits.  While I'm sure Michigan is a close second, I have to wonder where Ohio is on that list.

Here is Aaron, wearing Glorious Hat, warning his followers away from Ohio:

I would not argue with someone who says Ohio is getting better.  When I moved to Ohio in 2008, it was ranked #45 in the nation for business friendliness.  Moving from California, this seemed like a step in the right direction.  At that time, Indiana was #11 and Kentucky was mid-twenties - two nearby states that I wish I had considered.

Today, Forbes lists Ohio at a remarkable #15, and Chief Executive lists it as #22.  Their rankings for Indiana, respectively: #8 and #6.

Check out the Forbes ranking for the state.  Specifically, the Labor Supply and Growth Prospects rankings...

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