Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is That a MIG, or a Black Swan?

 Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 last night.  This should make for an interesting week in the region and in the markets.

Will anyone remember what country started the destabilizing process, first with Libya, Egypt and Iraq, and then in Syria?

Will I be told such a question is "not relevant," is "petty politics," and "distracts from solving the problems" that were caused by such stupidity?  Probably.


UPDATED 7:56am:

ZH has posted two videos showing a dead Russian pilot.  Here is a screenshot of the video and the accompanying text:

UPDATED 8:15am:

Oil is up nearly 2% to $42.51.  Putin won't admit it, but today's shoot-down is good for Russia.

See my post from a month ago...

UPDATED 8:25am:

Added pic at top - from UK Telegraph.

There is not a lot of data yet.  But with the data we have at this moment, it appears the F-16 is a better fighter jet than the SU-24.

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Tots said...

Unfortunately for Russia the SU-24 is closer to the old US F-111 which was technically listed as a fighter, but was definitely a light bomber. In a dogfight with an F-16 there is no contest. An SU-34 would have stood a chance, but since Daesh doesn't have an air force a dogfight wasn't in the game plan.

We'll see how things diffuse, but I know how I would feel if a US jet was shot down. I expect the American people to quickly lose focus, but the Russian people and Putin will not forget. Turkey may not get a face to face confrontation (which would lead to all out WW3) but they will be crippled by Russia in other ways.