Wednesday, November 04, 2015

MSM and Yesterday's Elections

It smells like victory.

Comrade Mikhail and I had a tradition that lasted over a decade (96-06'ish), back when we lived close to each other.  Every election night we'd watch the returns together.  And we'd watch Dan Rather and the other libs do the reporting.  It was quite fun when the Republicans had winning nights.  Watching the libs keep from crying while having to report the news.  Those were the days.

You can get a taste of this fun from CNN: Election Day: Bevin wins in Kentucky, Ohio rejects pot.

Yesterday, the Republicans won nearly all, if not all, off-year elections and ballot initiatives.  I don't know the exact count because I rely on the MSM for the reporting.  It must have been good, or else I'd be seeing "We told you so!" in the MSM headlines, and pictures of celebrations with rainbow flags and smug speeches.  Instead, I see a whole lot of this:

You'll see at the CNN piece that, while they waste your time with noise, they don't waste your time with numbers.  Did X win by 0.1%, or 20%?  Who knows?

The two ballot items I was paying attention to were Ohio's #3 and California's F.

#3 was Ohio's attempt to legalize marijuana and further transfer values from families and religion to the government. The MSM and local media had expected #3 to pass. CNN will now tell you that it was "deeply flawed" and that the results show "a strong base of support" for this.  They don't tell you that it lost 64-36.

I posted on California's F yesterday.  The kill-Airbnb/kill-capitalism measure failed 45-55.  This is a huge margin in that city of liberals progressives communists.

Kentucky has a new, and rare, Republican governor.  Virginia retains a Republican legislature to block Clinton-machine hack Gov. McCauliffe.  Houston told the gays that they are like everyone else and not extra-super-special.  The people said "no" to new taxes.  Coos County Oregon gave their sheriff the authority to ignore any federal or state gun law that he deems unconstitutional.

The MSM will tell you otherwise, but I think all these elections bode well for 2016.

UPDATED 11.6.15 6am:

Comrade Joe Dan, of Intellectual Froglegs fame, shared this on FB. 

Yep, that about sums it up.

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