Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Juxtaposed, For Your Pleasure

First, two videos.  One real, one sarcasm.  Both uncomfortable to watch.

This one from the Missouri Campus where the mob successfully deposed the university president because feelings, or something.

Lenin would be proud.  First agitate.  Then take over.

WZ reports the crowd there were directed in their actions by the Ferguson Bolsheviks, proving once again that all mobs - so far - have been saturated in the envy and resentment of Marxism.

On the plus side, these liberal studies students have provided Trey Parker and Matt Stone with another script for their outstanding review of political correctness this season

And the wonderful sarcasm - an accurate statement of what the Democrats have done to public education.  From the same kids behind #Equality.

Next, two ushanka photos.  One real, one sarcasm.

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