Friday, November 13, 2015

Safe Place

Do you realize the term "Safe Place" is just one tactic in a much larger war?

These events are coordinated and are intended to prepare the battlefield for the next Communist push into our lives: forgiveness of student loans, free college, acceptance of felons in the workplace, further dilution of traditional family values and religious values, more free stuff, etc.

I also think America's liberals progressives communists realize their Hope and Change Utopia has only 433 days left, and that there is a possibility that grownups will be back in charge in 2016.

It is now or never.  Snowflakes in America's Universities, Unite!


Not to be out-whined by their comrades at the University of Missouri, Yale students deplore the invasion of their 'safe places:'

For those who don't watch South Park, please reconsider.  They are confronting political correctness head-on this season, albeit in their usual juvenile manner.  As you watch, imagine how much dough Trey Parker and Matt Stone are making off of these leftist concepts.  I'd take their profit margin over Planned Parenthood's any day.  I subscribe to their season at Amazon.

As for safe places, may I share a suggestion?
If you carry a concealed handgun, every place is your safe place.
Instapundit has a USA Today article suggesting, after seeing the Yale video above and the shenanigans in Missouri, that the voting age should be raised to a more appropriate age.  I disagree (but do not take offense).  Here is what I would have liked to see -  notice the power of the pen:
Missouri:  The football season cancelled and games forfeited, professor Glick and her husband fired for inciting mob violence, and scholarships revoked for the offending players.

Yale:  Snowflake expulsion.
Where did I come up with these radical, extremist ideas?  Did I just make these things up??

No.  These were the responses common in 'my day.'

Fred offered a suggestion in his latest, Missouri: Taking the National Temperature:
If universities accepted only those with intelligence and interest, the noise level would drop appreciably.
A novel idea that I feel compelled to agree with.

As you watch these outbursts continue in parallel with the civil unrest and racial tension, remember this truism:
A Communist takeover only occurs in moments of crisis and chaos.
UPDATED 15 minutes later:

Author, Comrade and Glorious Hat owner, Matt Bracken, shares this like-minded article at Defense Watch:  The new Gulag Archipelago on our college campuses.
Who said communism is dead? It’s alive and well on our nation’s campuses.


Under the guise of imaginary offenses, these little Maoists are creating the new Gulag Archipelago on the nation’s campuses. Yale and Mizzou and hundreds of other places of higher learning are becoming modern day Pol Pot re-education camps.

Like the Red Guards, the fanatical college age thugs who enforced Mao’s insane Cultural Revolution, today’s college radicals are the enforcers of cultural Marxism and the destroyers of free speech and freedom itself.

What’s the cause of all this? Who’s to blame? Look no further than their Baby Boomer parents and the leftist, do-gooder K-12 educators who have created a walking, talking, protesting Frankenstein monster called the Snowflake Generation.

UPDATED one hour later...

Gun Owners of America just posted this on FB. 

I like the way they think.

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