Monday, November 23, 2015

Today's WSJ

I feel compelled to comment on today's Wall Street Journal, the best of the old, declining media.

As I sit here at the table made of recycled rain forest and sip from my controversial red cup, I look disapprovingly at the under-the-fold headline.  First, there is no war on the Islamic State as per our dear leader.  He has set the priorities for the nation, and global warming is the more pressing issue of the day.  Second, the only war I'm aware of is the one from the Islamic State.  A smart journalist (and editor) would understand that when one side detonates bombs and attacks, that it is they imposing war on the other side.  The Journal might as well announce we are now at war with Eurasia and are now allies with East Asia.

Look to the right and discover that "we" released a spy from jail.  Again, a smart journalist would know that "we" did not have any say in the matter.  Small-minded critics will call me anti-semetic, but I believe one can be both pro-Israel and still want Jonathan Pollard to rot in prison until his last breath (if not put up against a wall and shot).

And if it were not bad enough that we have a manipulative press and anti-American president, you'll see in the lower left that the establishment GOP is working against the best interests of Americans by trying to derail Trump.  As a detached observer to the 2016 campaign I have to express shock at the decisions of the GOP and their candidates (Kasich, Bush, Christie, Graham, et al).  They have to know the electorate's anger, the tea party's resolve, and the population's fear re: immigration, ISIS and economic decline.   Apparently they really think some dirt on Trump will result in him losing a single vote.  I don't like calling people "stupid" as I am a product of the public school system, so I'll say this:  The GOP leadership seems to be making some strategic mistakes in the 2016 election cycle.

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