Thursday, November 05, 2015

Quote of the Day

Author, Comrade and Glorious Hat owner, Matt Bracken, commenting on Carol Brown's American Thinker blog post, Where's the best place to house colonizers?:
The only good to come out of the Muslim hijrah invasion of Germany is the object lesson it will provide to America. And we have the 2nd amd, and millions of scoped rifles, so busing Muslim invaders into Anytown USA won't be a smooth operation.

Ask Lebanon what results from taking in millions of angry Muslim refugees. The coming Eurabian Civil War will be Lebanaon X Yugoslavia X Syria. With that example in front of us, American open-border Quislings will have to go into hiding, and will be very nervous around rope or lamp posts.
Matt served in Lebanon in the 80's as a Navy SEAL.  Check out his other predictions in his Enemies trilogy.

Matt also links to this story from Idaho.  Apparently some Americans are getting ahead of the coming crisis.

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