Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump Reads Ushanka!

Tonight's Drudge:

Who else has suggested he skip a debate other than when I did on December 8th?

The balls on this guy!  (Not to mention the balls on me for making this prediction.)

Next predictions (I should start charging for these...):
1) This changes nothing in the ratings,
2) We already know his positions, and the debate's purpose for both FoxNews and the other candidates was to weaken Trump with gotcha questions and comments,
3) Few, if any, GOP candidates will use this opportunity to promote themselves or announce new policy positions or promises.  They will blow most of their time bashing Trump, and
4) This is going to be an election year to remember.

You know what "Fair and Balanced" means, right?  It means 50% of the time they are spewing liberal bulls**t.  FoxNews is only leading the others because 50% of their programming has some substance.

UPDATE 1.27 7am:  Question.
Has a Trump supporter come out yet and suggested that Trump's absence this Thursday changes the debate to a. . .  JV debate?
Because that would be pretty damn funny.

UPDATED 1.27 8am:  Two more questions.
Is there anything more 'establishment' than to put some podiums on a stage and expect all the candidates to attend your debate, answer your questions, and suffer your abuse and attacks?

If a candidate should not drop out of a debate when he is polling at 41% in a field of 9, how much support (%) and how much of a lead should he have in order to drop out without criticism?
UPDATED 1.27 8:30am:  Good analysis (20min) from Stephan Molyneux.

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Cracker Annie Mouse said...

Your columns are always a fresh breath of air. I enjoy your intelligent, reasoned arguments, and your level of snark...