Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Knuckledraggin's Move To TN

Comrade Kenny at Knuckledraggin recently moved from California to Tennessee.  He posted a bunch of observations.  Here are three:
I went to register at the Veteran’s Administration in Bowling Green KY day before yesterday and the GPS steered me to the wrong place. We ended up at the Judicial buildings there and I saw a deputy outside so I got out to ask him for directions. He took the time to look it up on his phone then gave me turn by turn directions and after I thanked him for his kindness he patted me on the back, looked me dead in the eye and thanked me for my service.

Even though Tennessee has open carry, I’ve yet to see a single firearm strapped on anybody’s side.

Every single woman that I’ve held a door open for acknowledges it and thanks me. Every single one.
I made the move from CA to OH seven years ago.  Unlike Kenny, I grew up in the Midwest so I knew what I was coming back to.  I miss the weather and the many cool things about California, but it is better here.

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