Monday, May 02, 2016

Glenn Beck. Like a Bad Rash.

It has been 94 days since I heard Glenn Beck, the king of the Bitter Cruzingers, say on his radio program:
Trump was just admitted to the Douche Hall of Fame.
It has been 69 days since Glenn Beck called me and other Trump supporters:
Brown Shirts.
It has been 53 days since Glenn Beck's "Moses," Ted Cruz, called me and other Trump supporters:
Low Information Voters.
This past weekend Glenn announced 40 layoffs.  He claims it has nothing to do with his support of Senator Ted Cruz, whose performance in last week's five primaries, out of a total of three, was 2nd Place (1) and 3rd Place (4).

I don't think it was layoffs, although the payroll savings were probably an attractive bonus.  I think those 40 were fired.

In his "layoff video speech" Glenn talks about some of the people he has just hired.  One does not hire people during layoffs.  I will bet a Glorious Hat that Glenn fired 40 people who told him his absolute backing of a guy who can't attract over 20% in national polls was bad for business and for his reputation.  They may have been so bold as to tell him his devotion to Ted Cruz looks "crazy."

Today, the day before the Indiana primary, Glenn has announced another day of fasting in his religious adoration of Cruz.  While Cruz is mathematically out of the nomination race, he still has a slight chance of ruining Trump's chance at winning the necessary delegates.  That is his campaign: spoiler.  Indiana is the last state where Cruz could pull off an upset victory, and even winning Indiana falls short of the spoiler goal.

How many Indiana voters will vote to spoil, rather than vote for the candidate they think is best for the country?

In short, Cruz and Glenn are embarrassing themselves in front of America.  They've gone too far and they will be forever damaged.

Cruz should have bowed out months ago, and Glenn should have been what?  Committed?  But don't take my word for it.  Two prominent conservative ladies, who both have a long history with Glenn, took to their blogs this week to explain this.  Dianne Marshall and Andrea Shea King, both big fans of Glenn at one time, call it quits with Glenn.

Dianne Marshall: RedState, Levin, Beck, Rush, and Others…there was a day I listened to you…
I am saddened that these people with huge political and humanitarian platforms were not all who they announced and pretended they were.  Imagine what good they could have done had they stayed true  to their so-called convictions and not blinded by the dollar or the establishment sponsors?
Andrea Shea KingAbout Glenn Beck…
I was among Glenn Beck’s fiercest defenders when friends and acquaintances would denigrate him. I was, in a word, a LOYALIST for Glenn Beck.

Fast forward to the present.

During this election cycle, Glenn became so enamored of Ted Cruz, I couldn’t reconcile myself to Glenn’s way of thinking for two reasons that were/are very important to me.
This has been a fascinating election season.

On the plus side: for the first time in my life my choice in the primary is the one who is likely to win the nomination.  I've also made many new friends among fellow Trump supporters.

The negative: the Bitter Cruzingers, fellow "conservatives" in the public eye, have burned their credibility.  For what?  Fame?  A seat at the Cruz table?  Money?   This late into the game and they still take to social media to tell me what is wrong with my candidate, but have yet to tell me something positive about their candidate.  When I ask for something positive about Cruz I get a very nasty and personal attack.  Or I'm ignored.  Second, they've encouraged Cruz supporters to follow their scorched Earth methods, leading to broken friendships among like-minded conservatives.  Glenn has been the most outspoken.  The worst of them all.  It is he, not Trump, who belongs in the Douche Hall of Fame.

Let's hope the "layoffs" are a sign of bad times for Glenn's business.  Let's hope he goes away before more damage is done in the GOP nomination process, to the conservative movement, or to relationships among conservatives.  Let's hope he's not like a bad rash.

UPDATED 2:10pm:

FB Comrade J shared this post today from Citizen Analyst:  From Admiration to Aversion: My Journey With Ted Cruz.

No name associated with it, yet it is a fantastic post about Ted Cruz that addresses Glenn Beck:
We can thank Cruz for one thing: he has done an excellent job of dragging the hegemonic Republican media down with him. Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, National Review and their ilk are currently a-‘Blaze’ together in the Ivory Tower of Conservative Ideology. Many of these characters have been revealed as little more than opportunists and ladder-climbers, happy to sell their souls to the well-funded ‘#NeverTrump’ overlords, like the two-timing Koch Brothers and the Chamber of Commerce. They’re hemorrhaging money, fans, and influence – and growing increasingly pugnacious and bitter in the process.


B said...

cruz drops out

VFM #7916 said...

Glenn, like Cruz, was a pressure relief value. They both have the same sponsor; establishment financial elites.

Their purpose? To mimic conservatives and "lead" nascent anti-establishment groups like the Tea Party down harmless paths, such as the 9/12 project, "we surround them", etc. They would offer token resistance to anti-human legislation that benefited the elite such as Obamacare.

The more support and effort went down these lightning rods, the more demoralized resisters were supposed to become, and the game for the elite would be spun out longer.

Enter Trump, with a few words and ideas like America First, and those pressure valves were broken open. People have seen behind the curtain in an unprecedented way in the last several year. People have been inoculated against much of the propaganda, and have become aware of the unipolar nature of their political parties.

Belief in the system is fading, and every talkshow host that threw down for Cruz should be considered a tool of the establishment and rejected.

Mark Matis said...

I hope that Trump chooses this man:

to be his Vice President. That way, when Trump wins the election, he can send the general to our allies and our enemies to explain the new facts of life. The Media - both foreign and domestic - will have a difficult time caricaturing the general as a result of the reputation he has built. In the meantime, Trump can stay at home and clean out the Augean stables of US government, since he already knows where the corruption lies and the solution to the sewage. How about Andrew Napolitano for AG? Can you see the heads exploding if he were to do that?

And by the way, as far as I can tell, the general is not related to me in any way, and would probably disavow many of my positions. I still think he would be the best choice by far.

Anonymous said...

I liked Glenn Beck until the day he solicited money to give the illegal aliens coming across the border gifts/rewards. I did sense a tendency in Beck to embrace conspiracy theories and to always seek the conspiratol reason for historical events. I always feared he would declare that George Bush crashed those planes into the WTC. But he has spiraled into an abyss since he left Fox and I think it's time for him to start drinking again.