Friday, May 27, 2016

Meanwhile, at Portland State University

I chose the later of the two options I considered as I listened to this:
1) Comment on every single flawed and multi-flawed sentence and risk bringing down the Internet, or
2) Post without comment.

Comrade Forney told me and Comrade Zhukov, long ago, that Oregon "is where America's youth go to retire."  This scene at Portland State University looks like an Assisted Living Facility for these retired youth.

Not to be too critical of the school.  An alumni is credited for designing the Nike logo.

The 2016 election year is going to be epic.

UPDATED 5.20.16 10pm:

Thank you WRSA for linking, and for adding perspective, depth and this:
 The collision of all of these vectors will be spectacular.


Anonymous said...

After listening to the whole monologue I have no idea what she said.

mobius said...

Don't know how you guys can stand to listen to that whiny voice. They all seem to sound the same, don't they.

Anonymous said...

The speaker has been through many "self empowerment" classes paid for with federally-guaranteed student loans.

I hope that she can come dance as a guest at East Portland Eagles First Friday "In the Cooky Jar" Soul Night with her fellow-travellers from PSU. #14 bus eastbound from downtown to SE 50th & Hawthorne. $7 admission, or $5 with 2 cans of food. Cheap-strong well drinks! Fun! Everyone will use the correct restroom (Ladies or Men), and may ask the Trustee on-duty if confused about that. Many excellent imported and local beers/ciders, and a well-stocked ATM to feed the cash-only bar. Too loud to discuss leftist politics, so drink up.

Depression is a survival mechanism for Northern European ethnic peoples, as is alcohol use. Enjoy!