Thursday, May 26, 2016

Web Picks Du Jour

English Russia has a photo album of Soviet workplace posters.  This one says "Don't use your fingers to check voltage."  Such good advice, yet their system collapsed anyway. Hmm.

World News Bureau has some campaign poster suggestions for Hillary, Bernie and Trump.  Here is the Trump poster. Spot on, if you ask me.  But if you ask most of my fellow Ohioans, they'll tell this poster isn't "presidential."

Comrade Diogenes correctly suggests voter turnout in the primaries is not necessarily translated into a big win in November.  In other words, "Don't get cocky."  These stats, and explanation, at her site.

And in back-page news, assuming the MSM will say anything at all... Donald J. Trump has secured the necessary votes for the GOP nomination.  He did it by beating an obnoxious (in both numbers and personalities) FIFTEEN other candidates who should have diluted the votes and led to a contested convention.  If California dropped in the ocean before their June 7 primary, he'd still be the nominee.  The nominee, on FB today:

What a great year!

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