Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Conservatives of the World, Unite!

Our Glorious Hat placard for 2016 says: 

Conservatives of the World, Unite!

The young lady above is a Ushanka Comrade and a Cruz supporter.  She is going to support Trump as the nominee.   She is like most Cruz supporters tonight: disappointed, but loyal to the conservative cause. 

Trump's brand of conservatism didn't connect with many of my comrades, but it will come across loud and clear in that first debate with Hillary.  Not a prediction.  A promise.

It is time to save our country.

Tonight Trump won another primary, this time Indiana.  Ted Cruz is out.  John Kasich is irrelevant.  The stage is set for Trump vs. Hillary.  The general election starts tomorrow.

It is time to Unite.

We can now ignore the Bitter Cruzingers - those few horrible, horrible people who tried to tear us apart.  They will remain bitter, because they cannot undo what they've said and done these past three months.  Let's look at their bitterness up close, one last time, so we will remember what some tried to do to us and our Party in exchange for money, fame or a seat at the Cruz table:

And in case you forget what we are fighting - what we are uniting against - just turn that Glorious Hat placard over to the other side:

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