Monday, May 09, 2016

Internet Finds of the Day

Earl reminds us that the best insult of America's Marxist left is to just quote them:

Speaking of quoting commies, watch West Virginia's primary tomorrow.  The coal miners there remember Hillary's words about putting coal workers out of work.  The expectations: diminished turnout for Democrats, again, and another Trump blow-out, again.

The People's Cube is asking for Lenin facepalm meme ideas

You know it is an election year when you see numerous uses of the ol Hammer and Sickle. 

This one is of a comrade in ... wait for it ... an Apple store.

Instapundit posted this gem today.  Old, yet still spot on.

This cartoonist is the master of his art.  I speak for all of us when I say "we've waited too long for this one."

Images without attribution were pulled from FB.  You know, the social media site that minimized conservative news to make more room for Black Lives Matter and other Marxist, culture-diluting rubbish.

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