Monday, May 23, 2016

Ushanka Comrades on the Net

Comrade Matt Forney has an excellent article at Return of Kings today:  How Donald Trump Is Inspiring A Masculine Renaissance In America.

In addition to predicting a restoration of masculinity and a decline in political correctness from Trump's rise, he also calls out some "sackless losers" among our fellow so-called "conservatives." 

He concludes:
Donald Trump’s shamelessly masculine persona has been a massive boon to the American social fabric. He may not be able to make America great again, but he’s helping make men great again.
I've been thinking the same thing.  I know Trump has inspired my thinking in these areas.  He is showing you, me and Republicans how to fight back and how to inspire - two traits sorely missing in our recent past.  And two traits consistent with successful leaders. 

I'll keep saying it: This is one fun election year!


And it is with sadness in my heart that I share Comrade Clarey's [latest] desperate act, and his GoFundMe request
I'm raising money to compensate me for the pain and suffering I'd endure if I see the new Ghostbusters movie.
Can you help the poor guy out?

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