Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The #Never Masses

The #Never masses: both parties have them.  If I were to predict today, I'd say only the Democrats have something to worry about.

Bernie keeps winning primaries, yet Hillary gets closer to the nomination.  She should get the nomination.  She paid for it.  But the Bernie supporters would disagree.  And they stand on their principles with valuable Liberal Arts degrees, billions in student debt and plenty of unemployed/underemployed time on their hands.  Just yesterday Bernie took Oregon.  Look at the delegate count:

If I were a Bernie supporter, I'd be cross.  And as the net's foremost anti-communist, I will encourage this anger and offer agitation suggestions whenever possible.  You should too!

Watch for flames coming out of the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia in late July.

On the Republican side, the #Never furor is subsiding.  My sense, having plenty of Cruz supporters as FB comrades, is that most have seen the November battle for what it is: a choice for a thousand years of darkness, or that blustering New Yorker that hurt some gal's feelings two decades ago.  In other words, many have resigned themselves to the fact that Cruz didn't, and won't, win the GOP nomination.

Bill Kristol, a previously respected conservative and another casualty of Trump Mania, has created the Renegade Party as part of his #NeverTrump efforts.  After a week, he has only had 2700 join him.  That is a nationwide "movement," and he has the help of the Internet and the MSM.  Can you think of a national movement with that kind of support that would get less than 2700??  I can't.

In honor of Bill Kristol's #NeverTrump efforts, I'd like to share some of my favorite #NeverTrump memes:

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