Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Day Contest

Status: Closed

Obama Cuss Jar Total: $602. WINNERS: Conservative Cowgirl (Guess: $604) and her favorite blog, IOwnTheWorld.

Thanks to all for participating. Our next contest will be the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Until then - have a great summer and keep your f*****g ears warm!

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There will be TWO WINNERS: you, and the blogger or source who sent you here! Both will get the Commie Obama Rally Cap and Bottle of Leninade - the two most coveted bourgeois trophies of the Obama Revolution!


Add your guess in the comments below. Guesses MUST consist of a dollar value guess (no cents) AND the name of the referrer. If you don't have a referrer, pick one of the cool bloggers in our Blogroll!

One guess per person please.

Contest ends at noon EST May 3rd.

If two guesses are equal - one higher and one lower by the same amount - the tie goes to the lower.

The first of duplicate guesses will be considered.


The jar is 10 inches tall, and 7 inches in diameter.

The jar only contains $1 bills. All were placed flat in the jar at the time of the indiscretion. You can see the $124 stack at the bottom of the jar from our first contest on July 4, 2009.

View our Obama's Checklist to get an idea of the quantity of our colorful language in the 10 months since our last contest.

See more pictures of the hat at the hat store.

Ushanka Tips to those linking to our contest: Jumping In Pools, IOwnTheWorld,

Happy May Day, and may the best Comrade-Blogger team win!


Editor said...


Editor said...

Guess - $250.00
Referer - Jumping in Pools

beachbirdie said...
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beachbirdie said...
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beachbirdie said...


Jumping in Pools

Angie Lee said...

Jumping in Pools

Anonymous said...

kono $461


matt said...

Matt from IOTW

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

$787 billion


Greg Alterton said...

$131 (worth $56 once the contest is over).


BigFurHat said...

I'd say $311

Bigfurhat -

Anonymous said...


niteowl from

Woody said...

$57 because Comrade Obama Redistributed the rest..

Anonymous said...


Conservative Cowgirl from

Kristian said...


(Conservative Cowboy) Son of Conservative Cowgirl ;) from

Anonymous said...


jclady from

rebecca said...

rebecca from i Own The World

Unknown said...


Steve In Tulsa said...

$332.00 IOwnTheWorld

Anna V said...


Admin Girl said...


Admin Girl of course!

DeniseCa1 said...



Anonymous said...


Mr. Pinko said...

$666 (it's obvious!)

Anonymous said...

merle : IOTW . $ 187.00

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

$702 by sicsempertyrannis
Referer -

Mr. T said...


I pitty the fool who gets it wrong.


Elektra said...


I'm from iOTW

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...



xplodeit said...


Anonymous said...


Grandpa via IOTW

Unknown said...

$987 and 4 Canadian quarters

Ed G. Mann said...

Ed G. Mann
Vermont Loon Watch

Vermont Woodchuck said...

Vermont Woodchuck

Elektra said...

Congrats CC and iOTW~ That's some loot!