Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Day 2010 Wrap-Up

Not everyone was at home staring at our Obama Cuss Jar trying to figure out how much $$$ it contains. Remember, our contest ends Monday at Noon Eastern. (See post below)

Here are some selected pics from this year's May Day gatherings of the Communists and the Confused:

English Russia posted pictures of the May Day parade rehearsal at Red Square. Are they celebrating the past, or the future?

Berman Post posts pics from the NYC Immigration Rally:

City Square posted pictures from San Francisco. We're not sure this table is only out for May Day events...

The face of the Communist Party USA, The People's World, had this picture on their home page. Remember when commies tried to hide their ideology behind a suit, tie and a smile? Those were the days!

Looking at the Left has a post called Aztlan Astroturf with pictures from the march in Denver. Here is the requisite child pic:

IOwnTheWorld posted this 1:14 video of the march in Santa Cruz that turned violent. Notice the torches, and remember that Tea Party attendees are told not to bring signs that are mounted on sticks, as the sticks could be used as weapons. What gives?

And Michelle Malkin posts several pictures. Like this one, she has the pics that sum up the May Day theme: "We hate America and all it stands for. Down with America. Blah blah blah."

Ushanka Tips to these members of the New Media who provided these objective reports!

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