Friday, May 21, 2010

Your Gun(s)

They want 'em.

In his address to congress yesterday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon blamed Bush for the mythical increase in assault weapons across the border. He wants the Assault Weapons Ban re-instated AND enforced. He wants the US and Arizona immigration laws ignored. It is this moral buffet style of 'leadership' that keeps Mexico in the ditch along humanity's highway.

To clarify - it isn't US assault weapons going to Mexico. It is the parts that are not controlled by US law such as the rifle stocks and barrels. It is the weapon actions that enable a rifle to shoot automatic fire, and these are manufactured by criminal gangs in Mexico, then mated with the high quality and inexpensive US parts. Someday, hopefully, Mexico will have a leader that targets the demand for these weapons, and the moral bankruptcy that led to their current crisis.

To repeat: Our solution to stop the flow of guns South of our border is to do the following. Build a fence.

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UPDATE 11AM: Our former state (CA) representative Tom McClintock responded to the Mexican President's comments:

And Ann Althouse participates in the theory that the Obama team participated in the preparation of the Mexican President's speech. So the Obama team gets a foreigner to call for a renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban?

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